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12-29-2010, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by Hanzo View Post
EDIT: Didn't realize this was a Klingon forum, oh well my question is still relevant.

I am still very confused, I am working towards outfitting my T5 Advanced Escort to be efficient against the Borg. I have been running a mix of DH cannons, one Antiproton, one plasma and one polaron.

Would it suit me better to go with 3 Dual Heavy Antiproton cannons? Are the effects of damage bypassing shields not working? Is Antiproton best against Borg?

I would like to know as I don't want to waste my badges on the stuff if I can get better results with something else.

You will out put more damage(DPS) if you use all the same energy type: plasma, polaron or antiproton, not a mix. See the tool tip -10 power when firing other energy types. Or something like that..