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12-29-2010, 10:00 AM
Originally Posted by Tiki832 View Post
Read your agreement. You have no rights, just personal wishes that extend no further than your self.

Cryptic|Atari provide what they wish when they wish it, and have no obligation to do so.

Also, can you firmly prove your subscription fee pays for customer service?

Have you found a way to track digital currency and follow through Atari's corporate spending to see that all your own personal bits of information that make up your money sent from one computer to the other is spent on only customer service?

If so, I am sure Cryptic/Atari will respond to your baseless demands as soon as they calculate how much you covering the cost for customer service to drink coffee for one day translates into forum response time.
I am going to assume you are looking to start an argument or have problems with understanding metaphors, either way I am not interested in the first one and do not care to try and explain the second one to you. I wish you a good day.