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12-29-2010, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by SapphicZoid
Just checking Jas on that Faith you said you had in Cryptic to listen to our concerns over the appearance of this outfit and make the changes that close to 200 people (over two seperate threads) have now asked for?

Seems to me other then the one reply, which just defended the sale of the item as a pack, the mods didn't even read the over 100 posts that came after it regarding the real issue of the outfit just looking horrible.

Was your faith and the faith of others given in vain?
While I'm with you on the problems facing the Troi outfit, they did reply more than once on your request. Remember when you hijacked one of the Guramba threads? Yeah, Stormy posted once or twice in that and asked you not to derail it.

And where are you getting 200 people from? If you're looking at post count, there are a lot of people (yourself included) who have posted on this topic multiple times. And the lack of communication over the last week or two? It's because it was stated that a lot of the main folks who frequent the forums are out on vacation. From what I understand, they're running with a skeleton crew right now.

I don't understand why someone can't keep tabs on these concerns over the holidays, but it is understandable.