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12-29-2010, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by Jack_Armstrong View Post
While I'm with you on the problems facing the Troi outfit, they did reply more than once on your request. Remember when you hijacked one of the Guramba threads? Yeah, Stormy posted once or twice in that and asked you not to derail it.

And where are you getting 200 people from? If you're looking at post count, there are a lot of people (yourself included) who have posted on this topic multiple times. And the lack of communication over the last week or two? It's because it was stated that a lot of the main folks who frequent the forums are out on vacation. From what I understand, they're running with a skeleton crew right now.

I don't understand why someone can't keep tabs on these concerns over the holidays, but it is understandable.
I do appreciate that you share our concern over the artwork that has made this outfit a waste.

However If you are going to make comments make correct and honest ones.

1. They have never replied to the problem most if not all the posters have made. That being the look of the outfit is HORRIBLE. The ONLY reply that was given at the start was a backhanded company line exscuse that the item was sold as a "Pack", they only defended what they did.

They then failed to read the 100+ posts that came after that blurb and have yet to either:
A. Acknowledge our concerns
B. Mention that they will consider fixing it.

No satisfactory answer has yet to be given and since many of posters in this thread are saying they as well want a reply, clearly that subpar attempt at whitewashing some of the first few posters concerns has not been considered adequate. Our issue remains, it remains uncommented on or even ackknowledged.

The Dev who posted in the thread BEFORE me made a point. ONE I RESPONDED TOO WITH AN EXAMPLE. You can't hijack a thread (like you did with this issue) if you are REPLYING to a comment and a point SOMEONE ELSE MADE. I didn't take the thread down a seperate path, I simply COMMENTED on something THEY said first.

The Dev simply didn't appreciate me pointing out an obvious example of how he failed to do exactly what he said he was and had been trying to do, so he slapped a "dont hijack the thread" comment on to mine. Failing in the attempt to remember he was the one who brought the topic up to begin with and I merely replied to it. But what does facts have to do with a bruised ego? Consider his comment a subtle threat of censure. I did.

I hope that clears up that issue.

As for being away? I'm sure the fourms will be here when they get back. And since they have yet to comment on nearly 200 peoples concerns over two threads, on the LOOK of the outfit and our hope it will be redone, I doubt it matters where they are. Why do you have such an interest in how I spend my time?