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12-29-2010, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by Valias
No, the only one who ever wanted that ship to be a carrier was its original designer, but the idea got rejected by the studio. He also wanted the Akira to be a 400 meter jack-of-all-trades gunship with 15 torpedo launchers - make of that what you will. In the end, the Akira ended up being in the shows as a 160 meter frigate. Which, imo, is much too small for a carrier - and consequently we haven't seen any fighters in First Contact (where the ship appeared first) either. The Federation did not even have real fighters back then, the Peregrines were civilian vessels used by Starfleet Academy to train new cadets in shuttle flight ... and used solely in Operation Return because it was an "all or nothing" style of battle. Would the Dominion have managed to bring its reinforcements through the wormhole, the Federation would have effectively lost the war.
Ok, you're right, I mistook the designer's wishes for something that made it further then a flight of his fancy.