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12-29-2010, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by SapphicZoid
Hijacking? That's a bold faced lie.
Well, it appeared to me to be hijacking, just like Stormy pointed out that it appeared to be to him, as well. The topic was about the new ship, not the Troi outfit. And that was something that kinda put me off. In the same vein, you accuse me of derailing a thread by responding to your own comments.

As for being away? I'm sure the fourms will be here when they get back. And since they have yet to comment on nearly 200 peoples concerns over two threads, on the LOOK of the outfit and our hope it will be redone, I doubt it matters where they are. Why do you have such an interest in how I spend my time?
They have yet to clear up problems on a number of fronts right now, so I can feel for you. However, for the time being, cut the devs some slack. If there's still no further word on it next week, then I'll be right there asking for more. After all, while I have no plans on buying the uniform I still think they did a shoddy job.