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12-30-2010, 12:04 AM
Originally Posted by Nightops25 View Post
Better to do maintenance when they would be fully staffed with support personnel and devs on hand to deal with any issues that don't work as planned. Then if there is unexpected downtime or bugs introduced, it is a faster response time to fix, and fewer players inconvenienced than having an entire weekend outage.
Of course, it could also be considered by several consumer complaints commissions to be a failure to deliver what was promised to customers if there is a regular disruption to service content providing on a regular basis not clearly defined to the customer when the subscription was first purchased. Normally a company would be in a lot of legal trouble for pulling crap like that.

Not to mention, no apologies, no recompence for the denial of service, just completely ignoring that anyone in the pacific region gets a large chunk of time where what they are promised is not provided. Why are we paying as much for our subscriptions as hte US when we have regular service outages in the middle of primetime... ESPECIALLY since our AUD is worth more then the USD is right now, and climbing.