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12-30-2010, 02:32 AM
Originally Posted by Valias
Actually, the Peregrine couriers never docked at anything - we get to see the fleet departing the starbase as well as arriving at its destination, with the fighters being in formation the whole time. After all, being (refitted) courier ships, they are capable of independent warp travel, and have been described as "lightly armed shuttlecraft" before.

No, the only one who ever wanted that ship to be a carrier was its original designer, but the idea got rejected by the studio. He also wanted the Akira to be a 400 meter jack-of-all-trades gunship with 15 torpedo launchers - make of that what you will. In the end, the Akira ended up being in the shows as a 160 meter frigate.
...or they simply traveled inside the warpfield of a larger ship.
We know they can be extended to surround more than just the ship equipped with them.

Agreed we don't need a Federation carrier.
I wonder what happens when the Romulans come into the game will people say we need a Federation Warbird or the game is horribly imbalanced?

There is also the question why in episdoes like "A Message in a Bottle" the Akira did not launch any fighters.
Fighting multiple Warbirds at the same time would have clearly warranted launching fighters.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that even at around 400 meters, the forward launch bay would be a coule of meters too small to launch a 32+ meter larger fighter.

However I do have question regarding the "160 meter frigate": if the Akira is 160 meters, what size does the Defiant in this scene have?

As you can see, the Defiant covers part of the Akira's nacelle so the Akira is behind the Defiant. So either the Federation has midget-Defiants the size of a Runabout or your 160 meter idea is off the mark my a factor of 2 or more.

Also here you can see the size difference between the two ships:

Since the Defiant is supposed to be somewhere around 120 and 170 meters, why is the Akira not even remotely the same size as the Defiant?

Valias, you once said the SFX guys scaled the Akira around 250 meters.
But this clearly shows even that cannot be true or these scenes would look quite different.