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12-30-2010, 05:10 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl. Quote: "We are looking into multiple options for this. We may not allow "species" changes but we may allow players who have reached a certain level to start a new species character at a higher level.

Current plan is to tackle this in some manner as part of Season 3 after Season 2 ships."

Back in July dstahl said the above. Well, season 3 has come and gone. I wonder what ever happened to their plans?

I personally would like to change my character species without starting over at a lower level than my current level. As I said I would pay for it at the c-store and from the posts that I've read, many other people would too. However what he suggested above is still a little bit better than starting over from the very beginning level.

A response from Cryptic on whether they plan to address this in a future patch would be appreciated.