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12-30-2010, 06:43 AM
Sounds like a terrible problem... My PNY NVidia handles the dynamic lighting without much trouble... I believe I have it set at 5... I can see when it overloads and drops a particular effect but I never crash from graphic issues. I tried to cram a bunch of stacked dynamic lighting effects in most of my missions in order to test the limits. I have a Feklrhi Captain 3 encounter and can understand why you are having troubles... those guys use a lot of effects.

I also have used multiple race costumes for single and grouped encounters with Devidians, Feklhri, Borg, Changeling, Breen, Hirogen, Klingon, Reman, Naussican, Orion & Undine - However these were just skins over Reman Lieutenant Groups - So they did not use their original animations or FX but still functioned for me with no troubles.

It's unfortunate that you cannot see these FX and get crashes all the time and cannot see the wonderful Dynamic Lighting FX that are available... I hate to say it... but have you considered a Video Card Change?

If you are Serious about this particular game and Creating and Enjoying Spectacular Content - Perhaps that would be an easier Fix then waiting for a long standing problem to be fixed by a distant manufacturer or even less likely a re-vamp of STO FX from Cryptic.

It may be worth noting that I did melt my first NVidia Card shortly after Joining STO... I just went and bought a better one... not top of the line either & have been fine for 8 months or so... I have even considered upgrading my current one to avoid dropping any Dynamic Lighting FX as I can get some dropped frames going on easily in a combat scenario such as the end of Klingon Scout Force or Fighting in space around Defera.