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I published a mission - great. And got one star - darn.

Here is the problem. The feedback I recieved was "I think it is buggy" Really, can I have any more details. You know, only a few people play a mission that has one star even if it only has one rating.

So it seems buggy, where, with what, what part, when. I worked hard on it and it seems I got kinda shafted. Now, I'm all for accurate rating. By all means, if a mission deserves one star, then it gets one. But, please tell me why........

Well, my assitance. I ask that a few of you play it so that I can get, you know, a little more details. This isn't shameless self promotion either, this is a plea. Because I want to avoid the ____________ (insert problem here) on any other mission I make.

It is called Blurred Lines Episode 1