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12-30-2010, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by Rosvik View Post
If you are going to have extended conversations with an NPC, should you have the first encounter with the NPC be an NPC contact (where the NPC has an "i" over its head and the conversation listed as a mission goal), and then the rest just pop-ups?
I did something like that in my story-mission "Project Revava", when you get to talk to a partially assimilated Borg drone, Commander Va'Lesh. At first, you have "Talk to the Borg" as a goal, then when you talk to her, she gives a bunch of binary output. Then you get to use a modified tricorder on her so you'd understand her and she you. After this, you get to converse with her using the multiple dialog entries trick that Kirkfat shows in his video.

The initial version of the sequence looked something like the two images here.