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12-30-2010, 04:37 PM
Personally, I'm all in favor of it, though not just for the Connie. Me, I want to be able to use the T3 cruiser at admiral levels.

A refit of that nature wouldn't be too hard to do for Cryptic all for escorts and cruisers, Fed side.

You give them the same stats as star/assault cruisers and fleet/advanced escorts, with the following 3 changes:
1. The ensign slot is universal instead of tact/sci (for cruisers) or eng/sci (for escorts).
2. You lose that 3rd tact/sci (for cruisers) or eng/sci (for escorts) console.
3. It uses some refit captain skill.

For sci vessels, you could do the same thing, except you'd need to resolve the turn rate differential between deep space and recon. I'd say having it turn 1 worse than the recon ought to do the trick.