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12-30-2010, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by Louis_Wu
How did you find the time to do all this?
It started as trivial interest and became a labor of love. I've been playing since open beta; so I've had plenty of time to work on it. A little bit here and a little bit there adds up over the course of 10 months. It is one of the newest guides; there are many others who are just as deeply interested with guides of their own.

You can find a wealth of information from fans like me here:
Academy Information Index

Originally Posted by The.Last.Red.Shirt View Post
What is the deuterium tank? I've been in the game since launch but have never seen/heard of such a thing. Did I miss some lootz somewhere?
Yes you did. there is a mission in Eta Eridani called “Defense Contract”. Head to the Alhena system and have a chat with Administrator Borka. Do this mission solo. There will be 3 Deut. Tanks and 2 Core Fragments (ave 10 of these for another mission: Salvage Dispute).

Originally Posted by Roach
"GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers"
Right you are sir. Good catch; this is what I have on my fire button.

DavidFalkayn, I'm right there with ya bud. tombargo, you are quite welcome. I enjoy helping. And, thank you all for the kind words.