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12-30-2010, 09:57 PM
Okay update
"All Too Klingon" is now published for review on Foundry. I think it came out really good but it will b e modified when that bug preventing custom ship costumes being seen as anything but alien cruiser is fixed. So a temporary solution for the ship battle at the end was made that was intended to be certain individual ships on both Fed and Klingon sides, when they patch this bug it may be worth replaying to see it as intended for that part possibly

I find i can put out not bad missions faster now due to practice practice with the Tools. I can instinctively troubleshoot problems better.

The mission changed a little mid creation from the original plan of having a 3rd faction board the ship because i had a lightbulb go off for a huge twist that i think will make people go "No way" at the end. Maybe.