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12-31-2010, 01:35 AM
Originally Posted by Klytemnestra
1- 11- I wish the UI was set up so you could wear clothes. I find the tailor system here to be awful. Why can't I wear off duty items with on duty items. Why doesn't the costume slot just let you pick to make it either on duty of off-duty. If I want to walk around bare footed, I should be able to. Why do I have to go to a tailor to change out my hairstyle.

I should be able with the UI to adjust my hair and it should be free. Why do I have to pay a tailor 1,200 EC's to wear my hair long or put it up in a ponytail or bun. It is like the whole fashion system here is design by some one who is fat, bald, and never fixed their hair in a mirror. For us ladies, we should have a powder room or bathroom nearby we can go to fix our hair. you click on the mirror and I can change out my hair. It should really be a button with a hair brush on it that open a window anywhere so you can fix your hair.

Why do they have ugly shoes and boots in the game? I do not understand how City of Heroes has these awesome shoes and boots, and Champions Online and Star Trek has these awful boots and shoes. And why can't I change them out on the fly. I should have a shoe closet on my ship, where I can change out my shoes and boots. I should be able to change from slippers to sandals to boots. It seems like the boots were design by someone who wears the same sneakers everyday that they bought at Wal-mart.

Why didn't they design a skirt like they are in real life. Where it's an accessory. Again this seems to be design by someone who has no idea what an accessory is nor what they are used for. I think they should hire a real fashion designer for the clothes and not someone who thinks they are one.
I have to say, when I read this I lmao. Not to be mean or anything, I just find it funny all the girly accessories she wanted. I do think you should be able to switch between you're on duty/off duty clothes without visiting a tailor though. As far as the shoe closet goes, you're an officer in a peace keeping armada (The MILITARY), not a supermodel. I feel bad for all the NPC Bridge Officers that have died because you stopped to fix your makeup. Haha JK. My biggest issue is the D@mned interaction box. Im flying around space, admiring the view, and then I get this big "PRESS F TO DO THIS" box RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE! The funny thing is, they give me the options to rightclick and/or have the same button, only smaller, on the right side of the screen. Nice and out of the way. What is with all the redundancy man. I know it's a tough job and all, and theres not a lot of people doin it right now, but a simple option to turn off the interaction box doesn't seem like an unreasonable request. Especially when you have your view way back and the box blocks your whole character and most of what youre focusing on. I keep my view back because I'm a support player, so I need to see what all is going on around me to be the most efficient. Thats really my only thing. The idea for an ingame, or even outgame, detailed description of skills, abilities, etc, would be nice. But thats a lot of work, especially to keep updated.