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12-31-2010, 02:42 AM
Originally Posted by Hartzilla2007 View Post
You know having played PVP many times you will actually need multiple ships working together just to take down one player, so are you sure a T-5 version of a T-1 ship would be able to destroy other T-5 ships easily, also aren't the klingons using Birds of Prey at T-5. Also couldn't Cryptic make were your retrofited T-1 ship is at a slight disadvantage in PvP without affecting PVE that much.
just out of curiosity what makes you think im interested in pvp ? pvp is only a small component of this game. Im sick bored to death of pvp. My other 5 end game characters (VA/LG) have been pvp'd to death. This is just for ***** and giggles and to have a laugh and enjoy the game. Why can i not use a TOS connie from start to finish ? Axterix those are some good ideas. I was thinking maybe of keeping the 3 officers but having each office use 4 skills so your still using the 12 skill limit so to speak.