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12-31-2010, 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by Astropath
As a klingon desperatley awaiting the live launch of foundry to have a more interesting leveling experience i am afraid that the foundry might not offer a viable leveling path if the xp is limited.

i know there is a valid argument that players would create maps with nothing but mobs to farm to level up, but the empire defense areas are basically just that.

I think the missions designed for quick xp would be the most unpopular as Klingon players are dying for stories!

Also having spent the day playing many of the fine missions you have worked so hard on I must say this tool is going to elevate STO immensley in the MMO market. All i ask is you please please please make Klingon missions as well!
If you've spent the whole day playing then you should have seen that the missions themselves don't grant any XP other than the points you get for each kill and that's only a few points each.

There was an NPC lady who you contacted that gave a UGC daily so that when you completed 3 user created missions you got 100XP or something low like that, kind of like a regular daily. I think that will be the main source of XP.