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12-31-2010, 04:59 PM
Gozer is back and at some point is slated to re-visit the STF's to polish them up and fix bugs. There is also another STF called " Into the Hive" which is yet not active but something he will be working on as well. We just need to give them time to make the changes.

I have run the Cure before the loot set came out and after. I have definitely noticed a change. We have had people that had gone through before very rarely dropping from team because they were bugged. I have noticed an increase in that. I have as well noticed that the transformers are a bit wonky...There is a particular setup that I favor...and it works...well, most of the The problem I am seeing is toward the end. The three nodes before the boss, when you take down the generator, now that has been increased in difficulty. Rarely have I come across the ability to take it down without almost...or a party wipe (now I am not an STF noob..I have been doing these with veteran players We are adapting to that part (how borgish of
Right, Left, Center- All the help I will give here.
Boss fight- Weapon from the Devidian missions- great for hitting shields and Boss at same time for 4 teammates sitting way back

White Knight- Prefered 3 tac, 1 Eng, 1 Sci. You need Dps in this mission to kill borg and nodes faster. Eng- Domes only last seconds and is useless to have more then person and giving up dps. Sci- specd for healing and used to breaking combat to help teammates. Disagree with Bat'leths after watching a 43minute run Cure video. Yes, someone did it and put it on youtube. Full Auto assualt gives great damage but none of the aggro. Split beams for their exploit after exposing with the Full Auto. Tip, node groups count but patrols dont, skip some. Tac kits- fire team, squad leader, grenade satchel. At the tansformers, use grenade satchel to spam the trasnformer with plasma and everything else. The workers will not approach it and you can keep the plasma on it.