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12-31-2010, 06:36 PM
hmm ok i like challening missions too i really was upset after the beta and cryptic nerved this wonderful nebula mission (cant remember the name) so the nebula dont do any damage.

But i also did infected and cure, and infected was challening but not frustrating, cure was not challening it was simply frustrating, some people always forget 1 or 2 things.

1. Not all people who pay and play this game wanna first go to some sort of university to learn all tricks and exploits to do a STF , many people only wanna team up and do a STF and that should be possible too.

2. Not all people wanna go to a universtiy for the actual best working build some people make a character build that fits to their personal playing style or that fits good for the RP aspect of their character.

Also normally a mission should be designed to be playable and challening, but thats something cryptic really need to learn, cause most missions in STO are 1. totally overpowered enemys or 2. totally underpowered enemys, balacning is something cryptic really need to learn, for me it sometimes looks like the devs creating a mission trying it with the dev chars with god mode and all powers and if they see they can beat it its ok for life server but they most of the time forget that the normal player dont have any GM powers.

Sure in WOW i killed the lich king alone but only with a GM char, with a player char i had no chance alone.

And thats the problem in many missions, sure the cure is a good story but the endboss sorrry thats simpyl crazy and more like
"ok we dont have any good working KI in groudn combat so we must make the NPC cheating like hell so people cannot see our not working KI"

As far as i remember correclty in STartrke normally all known races are nearly at the same level in technology, but not in STO , sure its another time its war , but thats still somethign that wont work, or can someon eplease explain me why the hell as example a klingon swordmaster get my personal shields down with 1 attack and also reduce my lifepoints, and at the other side my 4 BOs and me dont get his shields down with the first attack, same with breen, borg, cardassian, romulans and all other races, and thats somethign that dont work. Sure it should not be to easy but it cant be that our NPC enemys have much more powerful weapons and much more powerful shields and possible much more powerful armor.

The cure woudl be a challenge also if the enemys got nearly the same shields, weapons and armor as the player has. Ok borg shoudl be harder sure but uhmm can someone explain me why the hell we have holding powers? Cant remember that a borg in the entire STartrek universe ever used some sort of ranged holding attack, sure they have assimilating powers but thats not really a hold.

At moment after our fleet beat infected and cure we dont do kithomer cause we all dont wanna do such a 5 hours or more STf anymore until ground combat is really fixed and possibly the STF are patched . We still hope that enemys are getting same weapons level and same shield level as the player have or players getting more powerful groudn weapons, cause it dont make fun to fire 20 shots only t get the shields of 1 enemy down and on the other side you needed to use buffs, hypos shield rechargers and hope you dont die until you get the enemyss shields down.