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12-31-2010, 06:44 PM
Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart
I was a member of the 43 minute Cure Team and I can tell you that we did not plan for or attempt to set a record... We started with Infected and just kept rolling non-stop through the Cure and KA without a break, no teamspeak or vent and no big planning session.

All three of these were recorded and posted here in the forums & on U-Tube. KA was finished in 1:06. Infected ran 0:31 That is 2 hours and 20 minutes to do all three.

Now, can you tell me how this was done with "Broken" STF's? You can go watch the videos for yourself and find out. No big giant secret. I did not need a nursemaid to tell me what to do or when, or a Developer to make them any easier...

We just got it done... no fancy tutorials or anything else... a little practice and common sense is all you need... but We have given You much more... A Shinning Example of How it Can Be Done.

I would suggest that if you are having troubles that it is your own fault and that if you want to improve your game that there are plenty of resources here in the forums to help you educate yourself.

If you choose not to help yourself to the many, many threads of Tips and Tricks & Videos that Many players have kindly offered to help you become a better player, that is your choice.

Insisting that developers keep looking into these missions because you "think" they are broken is a waste of precious resources and is counter-productive.
Love the video. Watched the entire cure video so far. I assume your using full auto assualt with split beams? I also noticed some weapon changes around the transformers and kit changes. Do certain weapons have shorter cool downs on their secondary attack? Per say a faster sniper recharge or so....Fire team and Squad leader I saw plus a grenade satchel. My only big qestion for cure, where did the rest of the team position around the 4th gate since we cant see them?