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12-31-2010, 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
Now that you have made everyone aware that you have absolutely nothing constructive to offer and will only spew insults to those of us that do have constructive feedback, I can put you on ignore and know I'm not missing anything.

This whole post is more of the same as the other guy. You don't know anyone to be insulting folks as lazy or babies so you got reported too. Vent and TS3 as required for completing STFs makes no sense. PUGs should be able to do these as they can do Infected and Terradome. I don't mind working for it, I don't mind strategizing for it, I don't mind reasonable amounts of trial and error. But making a puzzle where the only way to get through it is to find someone who already knows the solution does not make a game that new players wish to play any more than they have to, let alone repeat. STFs are basically a necessary evil that few people actually enjoy, even the experienced folks.
Go ahead mate, You're welcome to throw as many reports at me as you wish. Really please do because at the end of the day it just shows how immature you really are.. refusing to view another players views or logic which doesnt support yours at all. Also having Vent and TS3 required for completeing STF's mean no sense? In the time it takes you to co-ordernate with someone through typing oh look at that... Either you or they have died. Vent and TS3 is quicker and more efficient along with effective ways to keep organised and get it done quickly and almost instantly.

Also STF's arent MENT to be Enjoyable how many more times do people need to say that? Also if your a "New Player" at the rank of Vice Admiral (In which barely anyone does STF's under the VA rank except a small few) then it doesnt hurt to get involved with fleets and such to help you not be so NEW at STF's.

You're trying to win a discussion with only your logic and you refuse to see the logic of others. I've lost count how many times we've died during a PUG team because 1. Nobody communicates or barely even reads team chat. 2. There mainly designed ( From my point of view) one of the small few things a fleet can actually DO together. 3. Experience means nothing... A first time run of the Cure if you're using TS3 or Vent for even a first time player of the cure without any experienced players you can complete the puzzle in 1-3 tries because you can co-ordernate alot easier and quicker increasing your respond times AGAINST any beam in enermy's.

Also calling somebody Lazy isn't an insult. I could of said much worse but its a known fact, You seem to be set on what you think "Should happen" and you're refusing to view the logic of everyone else even the experienced STF runners, i have nothing against helping people through STF's but the problem is nobody wants helping, they dont pay attention to team chat, they dont pay attention to what needs to be done they think they can do what they want and expect everything completed for them.

Oh btw... If you think the Cure is bad wait till you hit Khitomer Accords... Good luck trying to do that with a PUG team without any form of quick and easy communicated. My Statement still stands though you refuse to accept anyone elses logic which doesnt agree with your own and you are welcome to report my posts as much as you wish.