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12-31-2010, 08:14 PM
I run Squad leader kit and alternate between plasma and AP split beams... the cool down on the split beams lends itself to a very nice rhythm for combat with the target optics and photon grenades... this is key for me because it has a cadence to it and sets the tone for battle...

Rally cry is essential for buffing and healing the entire team and security escorts and fabricated turrets and such. You have to remember that when you deal out lots of damage it paints a big target on your back so be ready... I have never carried shield charges but use a lot of Weapon batteries, but not so many as of late...

I used to carry a pair of sniper rifles for the Cure doing the non-aggro method but that really is not my style... I really did not care for it... but I could usually hold the first transformer by myself. In my opinion the sniper rifle sucks... I can shoot 2 or 3 workers with split beams and knock them around with photon grenades and kill both workers in the time a sniper rifle takes to kill 1, but that's my opinion.

Now I usually hold transformer # 2 and try to turn so that a stray split beam does not aggro anything other then the workers. This usually gets nasty but security teams and tact. initiative and more security teams help a lot...

Rifle butts are effective somewhat when things get desperate. The key is once the gate is down you need to just get moving out of the area ASAP... don't hang around to bother killing everything... and NEVER Leave a Man Behind to have to Respawn.

If someone does accidently respawn for one reason or another they can run up along the sides of the "canyons" to avoid any aggro of the multiples of borg groups hanging around... but this is poor team work at best and unnecessary.

As far as I know... Cutter Slade (The Most Brilliant Player I've EVER SEEN) was handling Transformer 4 with the sci T'Azure... this Trans must be activated ASAP and only attack workers... let Security Redshirts distract the spawned borg and get down and dirty with the rifle butts and grenade satchels.

Also if you put plasma grenades on the trans and have a knockback shield it will go off quite regularly if you stand in the fire... and keep the trans clear of everything. I've seen some of his work and he changes kits and weapons frequently for the situation and has inspired me to be a better player...

As far as positioning goes at Trans 4 you should P.M. him and ask because I've never been up there to actually see what he is doing or where he's at but I can assure you it is not the "Non-Aggro" method for sure. He's in Germany so He's generally not around in the U.S. evenings.

Generally I have to look for a message saying shield down and then I run quickly... keep jumping to try and get more distance before you get "rooted". Usually by the time I see the message I'm already really in deep trouble with one or 2 Elite Borg that have strayed into my split beams and I'm pretty desperate & figure the encounter has somehow gone south, but the shield is down and we run to the next group.

I hope you find this helpful and appreciate that some people remember those great times I had with the best Players I've ever seen and had the pleasure of teaming with.

Good luck