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What better way to start a good escort captain than from the character creation screen?

The first question you want to ask yourself is what role do I want to play in my escort? Typically most escort players will charge in with the idea that their federation escort(I shall these "fescorts" from now on.) Will pull off stunts like the defiant does in deep space nine. And for PvE- this is true, but not for PvP battles.

Obviously your captain choice will play a crucial role in how you fight.

Tactical captains are the most common ones I see, because it is really easy to build up a superior alpha strike with such abilities as attack pattern alpha, fire on my mark, and go down fighting., coupled with the tactical bridge officer focus the general escort has. There is a drawback however, and that is in how fescorts at most have limited healing capacity.

Engineering captains are an essential choice if you want a fescort that doesn't need to do dipping in and out of combat every 10-20 seconds to stay in the game. The lack of tactical captain abilities in this buildg may make an escort seem laughable at first, but the pay off is while you do less damage in an alpha strike, your persistent use of crf and csv will balance out your damage.

Science captains can make some really interesting builds too, their high maneuverability will allow them to be useful for them to duck in and out, dropping abilities like SNB at just the right timing, for example, just after a cruiser throws up its shield and Hull resist abilities, however the science captains mes out on the alpha strike bonuses of the tactical, and the shield heal, power management, and even miracle worker of the engineering captain.

Believe it or not, there are innate captain abilities that will also greatly help your escort. My 3 favorites are Warp Theorist( buff to power management), Efficient Captain(liberated Borg ability that buffs all subsystem power levels), and Elusive( i may have the name wrong, but it increases the chance of your ship evading enemy fire).

There are other abilities that do different buffs to your ship, but 2 of those 3 are key to making a tougher escort.