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# 3 choosing your bridge officers
12-31-2010, 08:45 PM
Your Brdge officers is the next step. all escorts have at the minimum of the following:
  • 1 Commander Tactical slot
  • 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical slot
  • 1 Lieutenant Engineering slot
  • 1 Lieutenant Science slot
Advanced Escorts have an extra Ensign Science slot, Fleet Escorts have an extra Ensign Engineering slot, and the Defiant retrofit has an extra Ensign Tactical slot. There is also subtle differences between the escorts such as crew size, turn rate, and hull capacity.

Choosing your Captain, then moving onto the Bridge Officers is a logical process in my head, since that is the next set of abilities that you will be using in the battle the most, and will often be relying on. Most Escorts tend to be cannon/turret builds, and that is because it makes skill point allocation easier to manage, as well as when you buff your cannons and turrets with abilities such as Cannon: Rapid Fire or Cannon: Scatter Volley, you get all 7 of your weapons with the increased rate of fire. This can help you hit the max damage in an arena match much easier- even if your team loses. I have myself been in an escort pug many a time, lost, but walked out with max damage not only for federation, but often for the entire match.

Depending on whether you find a fleet or get a group of regular PvP playing friends or even play it solo, to scout for a good team, you need to keep in mind that you have a very limited healing/buffing capacity in a fescort, so your bridge officer layout needs to not just compliment your ships, but it should also have one or two healing abilities that you can use either for yourself, or pass onto another team mate being focus- fired(it could very well be the other fescort in your team, and if you dont keep him alive, you may very well be next on the firing line). Healing abilities have already been heavily covered by faithborn in another thread, which I can not find right now. maybe it got ninja modded after Faithborn left.

These healing/ buffing abilities that can be passed to other ships are:
  • Transfer Shield Strength
  • Hazard Emitters
  • Engineering Team
  • Auxiliary to Structural Integrity
  • Attack Pattern Delta

Other abilities that are useful for fescorts are:
  • Attack Pattern Beta- this applies a stacking debuff to your target enemy for 5 seconds.
  • Cannon: Rapid Fire- This increases the amount of shots fired per volley. the damage done gets weaker at the end of a volley. lasts 10 seconds, or 3 volleys
  • Cannon: Scatter Volley- This applies an increased rate of fire, much like Rapid Fire, but it has a wide Area of Effect, which is really useful for using against mines, the Breen cluster torpedo, or carrier pets.
  • Beam: Overload- this is for the escorts that put a dual beam bank at the front, and for approximately 50% of your weapons power, this fires off a powerful one shot beam. a Beam overload II can easily do over 14K damage through enemy shields on a critical. antiprotons suit this setup well.
  • Auxiliary to Dampers- this applies auxiliary power to boost your kinetic damage resistance and turn rate. This is great for anyone who flies a fleet escort or advanced escort.
  • Auxiliary to Battery- A rather unused ability that redistributes your auxiliary power to weapons, engines and shields. can be useful for the quick alpha strike and the fast getaway
  • Emergency power to shields- THIS IS A MUST- HAVE FOR ANY ESCORT- OR ANY SHIP REALLY. boost shield subsystem power and gives you a medium instant shield heal and damage resist for 30 seconds
  • Jam enemy sensors- this is good to use if your trying to get away to heal, and you have that pesky BoP or escort that is chasing you while your tail is tucked between your legs. It gives you 15 seconds of disappearing from the enemy's sensors, though each shot fired at the enemy has a chance of cancelling the jam sensor
  • Scramble enemy sensors- Im only really adding this in because right now there is a bug where someone with scramble sensors applied gets to see cloaked enemy ships. outside of that- it is not an ability i would recommend a fescort uses.
  • Tractor Beam- holds the enemy stationary and does minimal kinetic damage for 10 seconds. recommend you look into the Borg deflector for its tractor beam if you want to use this ability- simply because you will have another free slot for another science ability
  • Polarize Hull- this will make you immune to tractor beams and give you a medium hull damage resistance buff.

that concludes a very brief touch on good Bridge Officer abilities for your budding fescort