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# 4 your weapons layout plan
12-31-2010, 08:46 PM
Your weapons layout is also crucial to your fescort, which will have a major effect on how you play the game.

The most common(and favored) fescort weapons setup I see is the all- cannon build. this typically has:
  • 2 Dual Heavy cannons on the Forward slots
  • 2 Dual cannons on the Forward slots
  • 3 turrets on the Aft slots
The reason this seems to work so well is because when you launch your alpha strike, the only ability you need to hit for your weapon type is either Cannon: Rapid Fire or Cannon: Scatter Volley. this simplifies your battle plan and he amount of clicks you perform in battle.

My personal weapons layout is the next on on this list:
  • 1 Dual Beam Bank on the Forward slots
  • 1 Dual Heavy Cannon on the Forward Slots
  • 2 Dual Cannons on the Forward Slots
  • 3 Turrets on the Aft Slots
The advantages of this setup over the typical tier 4-5 setup is that this gives you the firepower of Beam overload on Dual Beam Banks, which can make that extra bit of difference, when you knock out their shields with the beam, and have the other 2 cannon volleys doing damage to the naked enemy hull while they are reaching for their shield heals and hitting their shield redistribution buttons. I have been known to use this to not only cut through a carriers hull, but if I can single out a carrier, i can often do some very serious damage to the hull in my 15 second alpha strike. This build works really well with the defiant, but I also use it on my fleet escorts.

The next weapons layout I see often is:
  • 1 or 2 Dual Heavy Cannon on the Forward Slots
  • 2 Dual Cannons on the Forward Slots
  • 1 Torpedo(typically Quantum or Breen) on either the Forward or Aft Slots
  • 2 or 3 Turrets on the Aft Slots
This somewhat less popular build(these days) does have another advantage over the previous build, and that is that the torpedoes are fantastic for hurting a ship with no shields left. Like the previous build, this layout requires a little more micro-management over your abilities, and even your ships position when attacking, since you need to micro- manage 2 weapons buffing abilities.

Your weapons build doesn't always have a major effect on the fescort play style, since all fescorts need to practice the dip and duck techniques that the Klink BoP players have down so well, but I will touch on that a little later on