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Using an escort in PvP can be very frustrating and challenging for those who aren't in a regular pre- arranged team(in fact- I rarely PuG in an escort anymore these days, since I cant rely on the chance that a cruiser or science vessel will throw me heals/buffs when I need them most.), but there is a method to make PuGging successful in an escort, and that is to essentially copy the Bird of Prey play style. While no fescort has a battle cloak to hide in, there are certain abilities that can help make you as much of a pain in the side as a Bird of Prey is. they are:
  • Jam Enemy Sensors- this is great for when you get that one ship breaking out of combat to give chase to you and get that kill that they almost got a couple of seconds ago
  • Mask Energy Signature- this is a semi cloak which will help you to get away, since it makes it harder for enemy sensors to find you, but if they get too close, they will see an all- black ship running. This ability can not be used while you are at red alert status- like a regular cloak

There are a couple of techniques that can help you GTFO if the opposing team turns their attention to you.
the most common process is the following:
  • Transfer power to engines
  • Hit your shield buffs and even hazard emitters
  • Hit Evasive Maneuvers. Ramming Speed is also semi- effective at this.

Depending on what engines you have, how you distributed those Skill points, and how much power you have in your engines as soon as you hit Evasive Maneuvers are, you can put a number of K's from you and the main battle in less than 8 seconds.

However you may not find that you always have Evasive Maneuvers or 100+ engine power available to you. there are 2 Items you should look into getting as much of as you can carry, and they will fit into your devices slots. they are:[list][*]Deuterium Supply- this has a greater movement and maneuverability boost than Evasive Maneuvers, have the same cool down time as Evasive Maneuvers, but it doesnt share it. You can get that from the protect the Ferengi deuterium supplies daily that is in the Eta Eridani Sector Block[*]Engines Battery- this is a commonly dropped Item in PvE, is available from certain vendors, and can often be found in stacks of 20 in some fleet banks. This will give you an instant large boost to engines power(usually going straight to 125) for 3 seconds, before steadily decreasing back to your base engines power level.

Remember that an escort is no good to a team dead, so you need to become a quick judge of when is a good time to stay and fight, and when is a good time to GTFO. This takes practice, and a lot of patience for Feddies, since we have a PvE campaign that most of us have spent time playing.