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# 6 the advanced escort
12-31-2010, 09:49 PM
The Advanced Escort is a fairly good High ranked escort that has a slight lean to science, but what feels like a stinted maneuverability compared to an equally Kitted and specced Fleet Escort. Its stats are as follows:

  • 4 Forward Weapon Slots
  • 3 Aft Weapon Slots

Bridge Officer Stations
  • 1 Commander Tactical Slot
  • 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical Slot
  • 1 Lieutenant Engineering Slot
  • 1 Ensign Science Slot
  • 1 Lieutenant Science Slot

Console Layout
  • 4 Tactical
  • 3 Science
  • 2 Engineering

Base Turn Rate: 15 Degrees per second
Base Hull: 30,000
Crew Compliment: 150

The advantage here is that of all the classes of abilities, the science gives you a wider range of capabilities.
Advanced Escort designs are 4 nacelled, and include the Prometheus class ship