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# 8 the defiant retrofit
12-31-2010, 08:50 PM
The Defiant Retrofit is an interesting ship: It is both loved and hated by people I have talked to in Zone chats.
It has the best maneuverability of all the Fescorts, has a cloak(great for the alpha strike, but thats about it), and it looks cool. The latter is definitely reason to fly one- even if its for 20 minutes. It is however the most vulnerable of the escorts in the fact it has limited crew, healing capabilities, and even hull damage resist feels slightly lower for those new to it,

Weapons layout
  • 4 Fore
  • 3 Aft

Bridge Officer Stationst
  • 1 Commander Tactical
  • 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical
  • 1 Ensign Tactical
  • 1 Lieutenant Engineering
  • 1 Lieutenant Science

Console Layout
  • 4 tactical
  • 2 Engineering
  • 2 Science

Base Turn Rate: 17 Degrees Per Second(this is taken from in- game)
Base Hull: 30,000
Crew Compliment: 50
Extras: Cloak.

while on paper, the defiant looks like the worst ship to be piloting, the most fun I have had playing in premade teams is inside a Defiant. PuGging in a defiant is an absolute nightmare if you haven't developed and mastered the necessary piloting skills for fescorts in general, and its minimal crew compliment makes it take much longer for you to heal while idle in cloak. But it is definitely the most fun ship to pilot in my opinion