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# 9 Skill Point Allocation
12-31-2010, 09:51 PM
This is a highly contented subject within my own Fleet.

We tend to do a LOT of mucking around with more efficient ways of our ships tougher, stronger, and more useful. However leftover Skill points after you have gone through the basics of your ships, should go to the abilities you are using most.

I may get a lot of corrections about this, and I am perfectly happy to admit I am wrong, because what works well for me speccing into my escort, doesn't exactly translate too well into my cruisers or my science vessels, which is why I left this part of my Escort captain guide to the last, because I will either attract respect or a lot of ire and being called an idiot for the way I dedicate my Skill points. So anyway- here goes *ducks from the sniper rifles being pointed my way*

First thing you should do is add skill points to your captain's class. James Path(my main- and the one in my avatar) Is an engineering captain. So it is natural that I add Engineering Team leader to my skill points(though leave it till your last 900 Skill Points before ranking up- if you want top be more effective at the lower levels).

Escorts should have either Hazard Emitters 1 or 2 as a general rule. that large hull heal over 15 seconds will mean that you get back into the fight faster, or you can use it to heal while running. Either way- experience has told me to never rely on other people I PuG with to throw me heals, so I tend to keep my Hazard Emitters to myself- unless I am playing alongside an ally I know will support me when I need it too. Starship Operations is a good way to go for adding a couple of hundred extra to the total hull repair.

You can use Starfleet Merits or retrain tokens to reskill your character. If your a poorbie like me and cant afford the 400CP for a retrain token, grind through your dailies to get 30K Starfleet Merits to let you attempts a retrain.

so in short, here is how I prioritize my skill points in my Fleet Escort:

Starfleet Training
  • Engineering Team Leader(9)
  • Starship Attack Vectors(9)
  • Starship Command(9)
  • Tactical Team Leader(4)
  • Escort Captain(9)
  • Starship Combat Maneuvers(9)
  • Heavy Escort Captain(9)
  • Starship Battle Strategy(9)
  • Tactical Escort Captain(9)
  • Fleet Escort Captain(9)

The really neat thing about the starship buffs is that 50% of the previous tier skill buffs get applied to the next higher tiered ship. I have not yet experimented with removing skill points from the T1-3 ship buffs yet, but on my next 30K Starfleet Merits, it is in my plans to test it.

Starship Energy Weapons
  • Energy Weapons Training(9)
  • Starship Cannon Weapons(9)
  • Phaser Weapons

I do not bother at all with Starship Projectile weapons training, since I do not use projectile weapons(Torpedoes, Mines, Breen Weapon)

Starship Engineering
  • Starship Engineering Training(9)
  • Starship Warp Core Training(9)
  • Aux. Systems Maintenance(9)
  • Starship Engine Maintenance(9)
  • Starship Shield Maintenance(9)
  • Starship weapons System Maintenance(9)
  • Aux. Systems Efficiency(9)+
  • Starship Energy Weapons Efficiency(9)+
  • Starship Engine Efficiency(9)+
  • Starship Shield Efficiency(9)+
  • Starship Engine Performance(9)+
  • Starship Shield Performance(9)+
  • Starship Subsystem Repair(9)
  • Starship Aux. Systems Performance(9)+
  • Starship Hull Repair(9)
  • Starship Weapons System Performance(9)+

+ notes that these skills directly affect your power levels. I highly recommend you put +9 into as many as you can as an escort captain

I also do not do ground PvP at all, so I ignore the Starfleet <Class> Skills

Starship Operations Training
  • Starship operations(9)
  • Starship emitters(9)
  • Starship Hazard System(1)

Now once again- this build kind of works for me most of the time, but I am not done tweaking it yet.

If there are any abilities you like to use a lot- say abilities like Auxiliary to Structural Integrity(medium hull heal+small damage resistance buff) or Hazard Emitters(large hull heal over time), you are going to want to apply Skill Points into not just the skills that affect the ability you use, but the power levels and efficiency of said ability, since it can have a positive effect on your ability. The most obvious is Hazard Emitters or other ones like Beam: Overload. In Hazard Emitters, the more power in Auxiliary you have, the more total heal over time you get on it. For abilities like Beam: Overload- the more power to weapons you have, the less the energy wepaons nerf immediately after the ability.