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# 10 What consoles should I equip?
12-31-2010, 11:15 PM
Consoles are another thing to consider well when you are building your escort.

On the whole, they can make things much easier for you with them adding a few extra Skill Points into abilities that you may not have allocated enough Skill Points to previously when you went through speccing up your captain. Ultimately Each console can affect up to 3(if i remember right, 3 is the max currently) different Bridge Officer(and even your own captains) abilities that apply to any one skill allocation.

Most consoles stack, but each console after the first one you equip gets its buff nerfed by 50%. For fescorts- it is well worth the investment to find a couple of consoles in either engineering or science that work on adding buffs to your ships' defence. You may not notice a huge difference, but when I do face off mano a mano with my fleet escort against other BoPs, fescorts, or even the rare Raptor(havent faced the Nausicaan ship enough times to notice a difference there), It is usually my ship more often than not that has the durability to survive.

As for the EPS console, its usefulness is a big question mark to me. Back in the early days of Star Trek Online, the EPS consoles used to help your power recovery rate quite noticeably. However these days- I can often find myself giving it up for other consoles, such as Hull plating and shield generators. Its description reads as a buff to power transfer rate- and my interpretation of that is that it helps your power levels recover faster when you are switching power over from say weapons to engines. However I have been told I am totally wrong by a couple of people who I did research on this with ion my fleet, and they have their interpretations.

So for a more thorough explanation of the effects of console stacking, I will use Phaser Relay for my example.

In my own main escort captain, I have specced into Phasers, not because I like being cannon(in fact- I like to customise my ships to all kinds of grotesque creations- thats just the Fleet Escort way man), but because aside from Disruptors, they are cheap skill points wise, and their subsystem roulette proc seems to have the highest strike rate- from what I have noticed(I dont count AntiProtons as having a proc, since all it does is up the critical hit rate). So I have buffed my Phasers by 9(+52 to phaser stats), and I use 2X Phaser relays in my tactical consoles. The Phaser Relay Consoles I use are the MK XI blues(+26). So when I am on the battlefield, my phaser stats look like this:
52+26+13= +91 to any phaser weapons I have on my ship. With my other 2 tactical slots, I have 2X MK XI blue Prefire chambers, so that my phaser cannon weapons(thats 3X phaser turrets MK XI[Acc][DmgX2], 2X Phaser Dual Cannons MK XI[Acc][DmgX2], and 1X Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI[Acc][DmgX2]) all get a 91+91=182 damage buff before I fire them on the field. I haven't logged damage from PvP matches since I did this build, but when I am not doing Cannon: Rapid Fire or Cannon: Scatter Volley, I find that my dual and dual heavy cannons deal between 1300-1500 damage to the hull outside of the shields on each shot(you don't need to sit down and do a lot of number crunching when you see your damage is in yellow).

Another common console I see people stacking is the Halon Systems- which helps by increasing the healing abilities of Hazard emitters. It really is kind of a cheap way out, since the normal way to spec up Hazard Emitters is to allocate Skill Points to: Starship Operations, Starship Emitters, Hazard Systems. When you dedicate all the appropriate Skill points to that one ability, it ends up costing you 5400 Skill Points total. This is not always desirable, since that is a lot of Skill points to set aside to that one ability. Using 2X Halon Systems will give you an 18+9=27 bonus to Hazard Systems, which can make a difference of close to 200 Hull repair per second when you use Hazard emitters right after popping an Auxiliary Battery

I mentioned earlier that some consoles don't stack. The only one i know of right now that definitely doesnt stack in game is the Field Generator(which gives you a +35% max shield capacity. it really is necessary for ANY ship in this game, but is only for those who are either RA6- VA1). I will updates this if and when I find out/get notified of more consoles that do not stack.

It has been noted that most weapons and abilities consoles do indeed stack, and there are paper specs on screen to prove it. However the difference in damage is almost negligible, which is leading me to believe that it is indeed possible to trim more skill points off by using double stacked consoles in place of using up so many skill points in buffing the appropriate weapons/skills