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01-01-2011, 04:17 AM
Ok, Look....imma Carrier Driver.....just started actually. i can honestly say it's not all that one would think it is, unless they've done it. the only thing keepin them bloated warthogs flyin around for as long as they do IS the pets. because they sure aren't much for dmg without em. A really effective carrier driver cares less about dealing dmg, and more about keeping his hull intact for at least 3 min and healing in the process.

I can easily still get my hiney wiped for me in PvP, you kill the carrier, you kill the pets. There are some really effective counters that greatly hinder my ability to keep max number of fighters out and maintain my own health at the same time.

Carriers are far from OP, and easily defeatable......if all you play is fed, dont believe the hype.