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I am really getting to the end of my tether here.

Every time I try and complete Starbase 24 (beamed down to the starbase to take out the klingons) the game crashes. Every time. Then it deems it appropriate to try and upload a dump file over 110 megs in size!! On my tiny upload that would take a month of sundays. How is that an appropriate file size to upload??

And also, for some reason, most times I try and login after a crash, it tells me I need to download a patch. It sits there saying 13.5MB / 70MB patched but downloads about 215mb (i think).

As it stands I am currently sitting here waiting for this patch to re-download for the umpteenth time (is this just not patching properly or what?) and assume i've just abandoned my team in the midst of battle. Well done on such a reliable game :/

Is this normal?

I'm running windows 7 64bit with all drivers updated.

This is REALLY starting to grate, sorry if this seems like a rant but this is ruining what is otherwise a really good game.