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01-02-2011, 12:07 AM
Plenty of people have a Klingon main. I'm one of them.

<-- Lazira Irun, Joined Trill KDF Lt. General right there.

You have Pi Canis like you mentioned, as well as Nebula exploration missions, which are a good source of gear via the badges you earn by doing them.

There are story missions every few levels from Chancellor J'mpok.

At General levels, you get the Special Task Forces and some of the Borg and Undine content in Gamma Orionis.

At all levels, you can do the Daferi arc of 5 missions in the Orellius sector block, and the Dividian arc of 5 missions in Eta Eridani. Doing those grants extra dailies that are decent XP and grant emblems for gear at max level.

It's not as content rich as Feds, but it's remarkably better than it used to be. We should be getting another weekly series soon here, which will of course, add more.