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Good post, you might want to add

Q: How do I know what skills increase my abilities?
A: For equipment you can right click an item and read the "info," but most importantly check your toon's skills window, and select to highlight the ability you are curious about.

*to be filled: Photonic theory does not affect photonic fleet, etc.

Feel free to edit

While we're at it: *THIS IS INCOMPLETE*

Q: Where can I get a TSS3 BO?
A: On the Exchange, other level three skills can be trained by captains. If you have a free Bridge Officer slot you can train someone's BO and trade them. You cannot train a non commissioned BO.

The trainable space skills are:
TAC: CRF3, TT3?, Target Subsystem X 3,
SCI: SS3, ST3, GW3, TR3,
ENG: ET3, DEM3, EWP3, EPt?? 3,

The trainable ground skills are: ??