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01-02-2011, 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by superlink1 View Post
PM me if you want some of those Aegis Sets. me and my friend are Making them, but me, i'm very Generous Person, i wanted to do this for People who can't Afford Aegis Sets because of insanely Crazy Prices on Exchange. so, i'm making them for people for free. doing this is my reward. as for posters of Exchange in STO, SHAME on you for making those Prices. in case you already forgotten, Aegis Sets are Limited to Captain Rank and Higher. as for would to be Buyers, this is Best Alternative for you! saving your ECs for something better than to losing your ECs to buy the Sets that's very worth 140K and higher. so.. PM Me or Post on This Thread for exactly what you need and Provide Materials. before you think it's some kind of joke or other. i keep Promises, Keep and hold my Word. i never Break Promises or my word. never ever. by the way, my Friend is helping me to get my GRS (General Research Skills) to 1,600 or high in order to craft Aegis Sets before he leaves to farming for Samples. that's better for me to go craft for my Friends and People who need Aegis Sets badly. i never thought i could be actually doing it to let people know on Forums that i love to help people out lol. oh well. if you're Interested, you know where to find me in STO.

PM me or Post on This Thread.
or better yet,
i can be found on ESD doing Tribble Breeding or at MA (Memory Alpha) doing Crafting leveling
my Charactor is Brandon Niquette. i wear VA style clothing in Black and White with Gold on Shoulders lol.
sometimes i Travel to AC (Alpha Centurai) or DS9 in BU (Beta Ursae)
my Nicknames for Sectors are so easy that you litterally know where to go lol.
bye bye!

This is a nice thing, but I have to object tot he "crazy" price statement. They are selling for 1.3 - 1.8 mil a pop, in a game where money has little value.

And never mind the fact that you can max out crafting in like two easy days of farming...