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01-02-2011, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by captnwan View Post
For the record. i'm getting fairly tired of folks saying the exchange is out of control.

As far as the Aegis sets are going for. It seems pretty well balanced. And while it can be argued the materials are over priced (I don't agree) The prices for the Aegis sets are actually pretty cheap.

These prices were pulled from the exchange today.

Engine : 60 Tachyon Wave Signatures 680,000
1 Anyon Particle 67,000
1 Chronometric Particle 625,000
1 Methogenic Particle 67,000
Total cost 1,439,000
Cost for one on the exchange 1,139,000

Shield: 60 Photonic Technology 600,000
1 Antithoron Particle 675,000
1 Beta-Tachyon Particle 90,000
1 Duderon Particle 65,000
Total cost 1,430,000
Cost for one on the exchange 1,340,000

Deflector: 60 Exobiological Data 440,000
1 Dekyon Particle 63,000
1 Metreon Particle 260,000
1 Trianium Particle 45,000
Total cost 808,000
Cost for one on the exchange 1,200,000

total cost for all 3 in materials. 3,677,000
Cost to buy all 3 off the exchange 3,679,000

Total difference 2,000
And prices will only continue to drop as demand for Aegis sets settles. So the argument that folks ripping people off at the exchange, is just false.
Keeping in mid that I completely agree with you, I dont think all the complaints are that the Aegis set is ripping people off, but most complain about the fact that the particles and data are high to begin with. Some people just think that hundreds of thousands of credits for on particle is ridiculous...

My thoughts, on the other hand, is that they should stop complaining and farm the particles themselves if they care so much