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Hello there!

I'm looking for a good, relatively large fleet that has a primary interest in roleplaying and story, but is easygoing enough that I don't have to complete some kind of miniature Starfleet Academy and earn promotions and such in order to enjoy myself. What I want would best be compared to what we saw for much of The Next Generation... a Captain and his crew with appearances from other Starfleet Captains and "old friends" and the like.

Ideally, Roleplay would take place some in-game in person and some on the fleet forums, with some "administrative direction" on occasion(meaning, those in charge at the top would maybe give occasional story setup as to what was "going on" outside of what the game itself details.

I've tried looking around at different threads and, I'll be honest, some of these just seem like a real hassle alot of the time. Plus there are wings, and fleets within fleets, and all that. During "war time" or something, that'd be fine, but I really just want to be able to tell stories when I can and interact with other players and make friends, spending much more time "in character" than worrying about other things.

So if you have reccomendations, please leave them here with a link to where I can find them and a reason why you think it's what I'm looking for. I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!