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Originally Posted by castogere View Post
I can fully understand not being able to purchase a ship through the store (to have the ability to use it) unless you are currently playing a certain faction for which that ship is used for.

Example: Im currently Capt on KDF side, but I cannot purchase the Brel or any other high end T-5 ship till I reach Lt. Gen. Granted i cannot use them till I hit T-5, so why not allow me to purchase them ahead of time? It makes it less likely that when you have X% off sales that I would be able to get the ship at a discount.

Even when your not having a sale it would be nice to purchase the ability to have the ship for when I hit T-5. Since i can't use it till then anyway, whats the difference? Just like the Nebula, its unlocked for use, but i have to go to the ship yard to get it through the ship vendor as long as im the appropriate rank to do so.

So why restrict purchase of the ability to have it later?

Note: I probably already know the answer to this, yet Ive spent more on the C-Store items than I have for the game itself. So Im curious.........

Okay, this is the second thread I've read on this topic. Did reading comprehension take a leave of absence over the holidays?

C-Store Page, states that once purchased, it is unlocked for all KDF Lt Gen. Since the Fed ships are "unlocked" upon reaching Vice Admiral, I can't imagine why you couldn't buy it now, and then access it when you rank up...

Klingon Empire - B'rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit
(1200 Cryptic Points)

Birds-of-Prey are the workhorses of the Empire, filling roles as scout ships, raiders or combat vessels. This retrofit of the famed B'rel Bird-of-Prey combines the small size and maneuverability of the B'rel with the most advanced weaponry available to the Empire. The B'rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit has six weapon slots (4 fore, 2 aft), seats for four Bridge Officers (2 Lieutenant Universal, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal and 1 Commander Universal) and space for eight console modifications (3 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science). It carries 30 crew and has an Enhanced Battle Cloak that will allow the ship to fire mines and torpedo weapons and use most Bridge Officer and Captain abilities while cloaked. Note: This ship may only be purchased by Klingon Empire captains that have attained the rank of Lieutenant General. Players may choose to receive this ship as a Free Reward for achieving the Lieutenant General Rank. Additional Lieutenant General ships may be obtained in game per character by spending Mission Reward Emblems. Purchasing this ship from the C-store unlocks it for all Lieutenant General characters on an account.