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01-03-2011, 03:27 AM
Current Release v 0.96 (03/21/11)

Change Log

Changes v 0.97 (03/06/11)
  • The primary focus of this update is improved resolution support (both lower and higher resolutions).
  • The advanced settings window is now scrollable if it is too large to fit on the screen.
  • The main window also resizes itself to fit on lower resolution displays, and is scrollable when less than full size.
  • You can also now resize the main window at any time, regardless of resolution. Example Image.
  • Hitting the maximize button on the main window will restore it to full size.
  • Known issue: the main program functions should be usable at just about any resolution, however the graph window will not be work properly if resolution is set too low.
  • The program will attempt to take advantage of additional screen space on high resolution displays and dual display setups. Example Image.
  • The Galaxy-X has been updated to have 8 weapons, in accordance with the recent game patch.
  • Additional help buttons have been added to the Advanced Settings window which point to the proper section of the documentation.
  • The damage type accolade bonuses have been updated to reflect the proper in-game names.
  • The accolade bonus tool tip text now describes where to find the bonuses in the game.
  • Fixed the weapon types not updating properly in the Omega advanced settings window.
  • Fixed the graph window improperly always using the Alpha vessel's power level/range when performing the opposite range/power level comparison.
  • The power comparison graph will now display extrapolated power settings if that option is enabled in the advanced settings.
  • Added an option to have the graph window brought to the front when it is updated, if the screen resolution is too low to have it displayed side by side with other windows.
  • Minor updates to the graph's titling, key placement and key hiding options.

Changes v 0.96 (02/21/11)
  • The program has been renamed Starship Weapons Calculator because it now calculates more than DPS.
  • Burst damage is now calculated for mines, torpedoes and the Beam Overload skill.
  • Multiple skills can now be activated at once.
  • Attack Pattern skills have been added (but APB and APD are disabled due to the -DR problems.)
  • Critical rates can now be calculated, along with miss rates and target damage resistance.
  • Weapon Mods can now be selected in the weapons settings.
  • Shuttles have been added, including the shuttle beam array and rare beam array.
  • Starship power extrapolation has been added as an option. If enabled, the calculator will estimate the results at additional power levels.
  • Performance should be better when using the Advanced Settings.
  • The documentation has been updated.
  • Help buttons have been added which point to the right section of the documentation.
  • A splash screen has been added to show the program is working (the program's load time has increased dramatically since the initial release due to the included images).

Changes v 0.95 (01/26/11)
  • The Final Frontier font used by the program is now included in the setup package.
  • The worthless VB6 installer has been replaced by something better.
  • Ship power bonuses are now taken into account in the power settings list.
  • Various minor bugs have been fixed.

Changes v 0.94 (01/23/11)
  • New feature: The program can now accurately calculate in-game DPS based on Weapon Mark, Equipment, and Skill Levels. Available under the Advanced Settings.
  • New feature: You may now select your faction and rank, which will determine what ship classes, ship tiers, and equipment are available for selection. Available under the Advanced Settings.
  • New feature: The program will automatically determine the number of tactical consoles available based on your selected ship class.
  • A new Ship Sub-Class menu has been added to allow the selection of different ships at the same tier.
  • The Light Cruiser is now listed under Tier 1 Cruiser instead of in its own category.
  • The Tier 3 Nebula and Excelsior can now be selected using the Ship Sub-Class menu.
  • The Unrestricted, Unrestricted Klingon and Unrestricted Federation vessels now have all five tiers.
  • A short blurb about various historical starships will be displayed when you select an Unrestricted Federation vessel.
  • A bug which caused the Graph window's title to be incorrect has been fixed.
  • The images of the Tier 1 Bird of Prey and Galaxy-X have been replaced with better versions.
  • The Marauder and Varanus no longer improperly have access to dual cannons.
  • The program's documentation is now included in the program itself, as well as in a separate file.
  • The program documentation has been updated to reflect new features.

Changes v 0.93 (01/18/11)
  • Ship listings are now sorted by faction.
  • If you select the faction title, "Federation" or "Klingon", instead of a specific ship class, a random iconic vessel will be displayed. For Fed this is the main ship from every series/movie, and for Klingon it is B'rel, Vor'cha and Negh'Var.
  • The following Federation ships have been added: All Tier 5 Retrofits, NX Replica, TOS Constitution, Excelsior (T5 only), Nebula (T5 only), Runabout.
  • The following Klingon ships have been added: All Tier 5 Retrofits, Guramba, Marauder, Varanus, Kar'Fi.
  • The low quality Galaxy Class and Miranda images have been replaced with newer and better versions.
  • All ship images are now included, except for the T3 Raptor (thanks goes to SpiderMitch for most of the Klingon images, and several Federation images).
  • A warning message has been added explaining that the program lacks the necessary data to calculate Dual Cannon DPS with 8 weapons.
  • A bug has been fixed that would cause firing arc lines from the comparison vessel to continue being displayed after the comparison vessel was hidden.
  • Due to some apparent confusion, the extended options button has been removed. All options are now visible at all times.
  • The Graph and About buttons have been moved to the center of the form, beneath the Firing Arc Display.
  • The ability to select your weapon mark has been temporarily removed pending a transition to a more comprehensive system. If you really need this option, stick to an older version!

Changes v 0.92 (01/11/11)
  • Comparison ships now have a separate image that displays on their half of the firing arc display.
  • Most ship images have been made larger (some are a bit low quality, I know)
  • Klingon ships now display Bird Of Prey images instead of the default ship image (other ship types coming soon)
  • Comparison ship class and tier can now be set to "same as alpha", and will default to that setting.
  • Ship tier settings are no longer reset when you select a new ship class.
  • Firing arcs and ship images will now only be redrawn when there is a change (this should reduce background flickering)
  • The program package has been changed to zip format (instead of rar)
  • Added a stand-alone program download without the installer.

Changes v 0.91 (01/08/11)
  • Federation ships now have specific pictures that match their class and tier.
  • Ship tier names (ex: Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, etc.) are now listed in addition to the tier number.
  • When changing ship classes your weapon selections no longer reset.
  • If you have Dual Cannons equipped and select a class that cannot use them, Dual Beam Banks are substituted.

Initial Release v 0.9 (01/03/11)