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01-03-2011, 04:12 AM
true ...*signe

they transformed the beautiful misterious missions from ST series into grinding the same mobs (3 frigates or one cruiser) or scan 5 items

I did lots of exploring missions and they are only 4-6 patters, and sometimes they add fog (ground) or asteroids (space), is all that random creating content system do ...

I quit STO before Season 1 and returned now after S3 and is the same grind , true they added lots of new features and system but the content is the same as in every MMO ..shame .. ...Hopeing after S10 will have something to do extra

Originally Posted by randommoment View Post
Only been playing for a month and already amazingly annoyed at the simplistic design of the away missions in terms of their physical layout.

Its clear that no real thought has been put into the design of the zones and how that impacts the feel of the game playing.

It seems that almost every single level involves walking down a hall or path, killing groups of enemies and then moving on. There's no real need to think about tactics at all and while I know its only a game, sometimes that becomes all to obvious.

I'd like to see more variation in the terrain - choices to be made about what corridors to go down, what paths to take or whether its worth going across terrain.

I'd like to see a little more sophistication in how enemies react to my presence. It can be as simple as enemies raising an alarm right across a base I'm trying to get into, but to prevent players being swamped those further back at least acting like they're holding the line or something. Its kind of embarrassing to be able to walk up to within firing distance in open terrain without them reacting at all.

It'd also be nice of the missions were tailored to whether you were tactical, engineering or scientist and presented with finding different solutions to the same problem.