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# 4 I don't want to go back!
01-03-2011, 05:14 AM
Thanks for the replies, JCSWW and Castogere.

I have to say, JCSWW, that your advice seemed superfluous after Castogere's post.

Castogere, you seem strangely familiar. Did we meet in the waiting room outside the electro-shock therapy room? You know, one floor down from the floor with the padded rooms. I hated that place! The conversations were fine but trying to scratch your nose whilst wearing a staight jacket was just too much! Thought I'd seen the last of nurse Ratchett until I went for guidance to a Vedek a couple of years ago. Boy did I run! Warp bloody nine and counting! I heard she got fired but you won't catch me near Bajor again. Scary woman!