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01-03-2011, 05:19 AM
Originally Posted by The_Black_Douglas
Thanks for the replies, JCSWW and Castogere.

I have to say, JCSWW, that your advice seemed superfluous after Castogere's post.

Castogere, you seem strangely familiar. Did we meet in the waiting room outside the electro-shock therapy room? You know, one floor down from the floor with the padded rooms. I hated that place! The conversations were fine but trying to scratch your nose whilst wearing a staight jacket was just too much! Thought I'd seen the last of nurse Ratchett until I went for guidance to a Vedek a couple of years ago. Boy did I run! Warp bloody nine and counting! I heard she got fired but you won't catch me near Bajor again. Scary woman!
itchy nose? thats easy....smuggle a toilet plunger into your torso with the flapper valve from inside the tank....then chew yer way to molding the 2 together........then scratch away.....

And I must say the food there was terrible it tasted like over cooked tribble....and our waiter wasn't wearing pants?

Seriously if you need anything just ask.....I should know what Im doing right by now, and If I don't....someone here does. You can also join the ingame 10F chat channel...