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Originally Posted by auroris View Post
I've had issues with bridges (when more than two people are present) and first contact missions (when more than two people are present).

On federation ships, the third and subsequent bridge invitees can never use the turbolift. Attempts to use the turbolift force them into geometry (or more frequently, eject them into space). The stuck command deposits you back on the bridge proper, so third and subsequent visitors cannot access the rest of the ship.

In First Contact missions, the first two entering the mission beam in fine; others become stuck in the door or other locations. Attempts to use the /stuck command in this case fails with an error message stating that you are not allowed to use stuck here.

On some Klingon bridges, guests beyond the second are beamed into geometry and cannot escape.

(I wonder, is Cryptic's QA team no larger than 2 people?)

I've encountered the turbolift problem several times.