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Greetings noble warriors. Anyone who was anticipating this game knows that origianlly we were supposed to have multiple player characters per ship, to share the burden of startship operations among real human players. Obviously, this never happened and doesnt look forthcoming anytime soon. In the absence of human allies to help us mash space bar, I find some things I know I want to do but am unable to execute because of lag/too many demands on one player.

Another smaller segment of the player population might be familiar with an old school dnd (bg2) mechanism "contingency". This high level mage spell allowed a player to prepare buffs ahead of time, that would auto activate at certain threshholds. The second a hostile enemy approaches, contingency could auto buff your party, for example. Another useful one was "cast x at 25% health". Imho this could be implemented in sto.

Imagine, a simple "fire at x distance", or automatic sensor scan on the target if he cloaks. I dont think its too much, for the ship to attempt to autoalign and snb a target decloaking. Furthermore all types of heals management could be used. A power could be set to permanently cycle whenever available, targetign a preordained player, or perhaps the one with lowest health in range.

Clearly in the future, automated controls must have been immensely upgraded. I recall promises of automation where in sto there is none. Forgive my lack of ability to properly elucidate you on this issue. Cheers for your read time <S>