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01-03-2011, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by Axterix
Well, based on blowing up the freighters, I'd say Mel is a tactical captain, which makes it easier than being a science captain. And that's better than being an engineer. And, of course, flies a tactical ship.

Myself, I can barely pull it off as a sci captain in a guramba with all rare Mk XII consoles and green Mk XII and purple Mk XI weapons, with 135 attack power. Since I don't use siege mode to try and get the optional objective, I could slightly increase my performance by swapping out my two DBBs for some extra DC/DHCs. But since I can do it with what I have, I don't bother.

Mel's list is pretty much what I do, minus the decloaking, of course.

The main difference if that for #1, I don't care about aggro'ing the patrols, I use Photonic Fleet and let it play with any extras while I blow up that first escort and go on to step 2. And for step 3, I use APA and evasive, possibly a deuterium surplus. And it is close, very close.

For step 2, I go for the ones that are heading right. For the second group, I go for the ones that are fleeing directly away from where you came into the system, not the ones fleeing left. Shorter distance, pythagorean theorem and all.

It is all about speed. You need to quickly loot the first freighters, then scoot and loot another pair of two.

Once the bug gets fixed on live, they'll be easy, since you'll only have to get 2 of the first 6 and can then fulfill the requirements with the 2 in the shield bubble.

Of course, there's always a second way to go:
1. Ask for another klingon to work with you to get the optional.
2. Have the lower level invite the higher level and match level.
3. One goes after the freighters fleeing left, the other after right.
4. Blow up the escorts.
5. Disable freighters and loot.
6. First one done tries to get the two fleeing directly away from spawn point.
This becomes much easier with a gravity well, if you're a cruiser or a carrier I recommend tanking finding a bird to help you or getting a bird for running this mission and 2 copies of grav well. Drop one grav well on the first 2 freighters then loot, jet over drop your 2nd grav. well on 2nd freighter group, don't kill. Then go to group 3 loot and kill. You should get the 4 looted before the 2nd group warps out because you slowed them with grav wells. I recommend running a tactical officer in your Lt cmdr. slot. I love that this mission is challenging, even if it is still bugged. Thanks Gozer for upping the HP disable threshold, my carrier would often fail because my birds would have several torpedos in the air when it disabled at 35% and it would die when they hit.