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01-03-2011, 12:07 PM
Hangover_Boy said " But in order to survive an escort alpha strike, and sustain a 10 second long seems covariant is the way to go no matter how you slice it."
A full regen setups works just as well if not better. I found with the best regeneration shields with 4 consoles each boosting 14% to shield recharge I could pretty much never die. It helps that the borg shield has a decent cap to survive Alpha and very high regen. In most PvE I never even bother to use skills and I could sit there all day long and the shields would never drop, while a covariant shield would need skills to survive. Even a single Escort would struggle to take down a full regen based setup.

EDIT: Another way to look at it 50 seconds might seem like a long time but with a maxed out regne setup you can last longer than 50seconds unless it's like 4 on 1 and then it doesn't matter which method you choose. While a maxed out covariant is limited until the buffer runs out, so a regen setups often will last longer.

EDIT2: Another point. 50seconds is at 100 shield power. Once you add in 125 shield power and its even less then 50 seconds before a regen shields starts being better then a Covariant. When I ran my shield setup I had 100 base shield power which was pretty much constantly at 125 due to Emergency power to Shields and other skills.

I would like to see a Borg regna shield with x4, 14% shield recharge modules compared to the best buffer Covariant s setup.