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01-03-2011, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by Pottsey
MustrumRidcully said "What I was looking for was the same as the mathematician - at what point in time would the effective shield capacity regenerated over time be higher for a shield slanted for regeneration over a shield slanted for capacity?".
Did you factor in consoles? As far as I am aware you can only fit 1 Hitpoint console but you can fit up to 4 shield regen ones. If you didn't factor in consoles then " Does it take less then 50-60 seconds? Get the best Covariant Shields with the most Cap mods you can get.
Do you last more then 50-60 seconds? Get the Regenerative Shields with the most Reg mods you can get.!"
could be a bit of a flawed thing to say.
I did not take into account consoles. Keep in mind a few things:
- At least one console you can have could be a +35 % shield capacity booster console. This will always be a bigger benefit to the Covariant Shields.
- AFAIK, the bonus from the regenerative consoles are applied to the base regeneration, and this extra bonus does not benefit from the extra shield power. (And consider that 5 points of shield power already give you +20 % regeneration, and the 50 second value is basically when you already have a very high shield power)
- It still doesn't account other sources of shield heals. (Which admittedly, my math does not either, only my final remarks.)

Another thing I often wondered, If you want buffer why even use Covariant shields. Why not use armor? I armor tank as it seems far better then shield regen or shield buffer. I never understood why so many people shield tank.
It's simply because it is more effective currently in the game. Shield resistances are easy to get and have a great uptime thanks to Emergency Power to Shields. Also, it is kinda more forgiving if you can rely on your shields too last some time and only have in emergency cases fix your hull - if you screw up shield healing, you still got some hull, but if you screw up hull, you're dead.

EDIT: Wertez said "But, don't shields only regenerate after a certain amount of time of not taking any damage?"
He seems to be talking about ground combat shields, that work like that. Shield regeneration in space happens in 6 second intervals.