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01-03-2011, 12:34 PM
MustrumRidcully said " It's simply because it is more effective currently in the game. Shield resistances are easy to get and have a great uptime thanks to Emergency Power to Shields. Also, it is kinda more forgiving if you can rely on your shields too last some time and only have in emergency cases fix your hull - if you screw up shield healing, you still got some hull, but if you screw up hull, you're dead."/
True screw up your hull and your dead but it's a lot harder to screw up your hull as it's so much better at tanking. I use my shields to absorb the Alpha then my real tank kicks in.

Are shields really more effective? I have one of the smaller cruisers at 50.7K hull with 4 resistance consoles that's 43.6% resistance without factoring in skills, or you can go for consoles that boost the healing amount and use the skills to boost resistance. Surely that's a way bigger buffer then even Covariant shields can hope to get?

The heal them self seem way better as well. Engineering Team will give over 10k a heal far more then the shield heals. Hazard Emitters gives over 16k heal and 30% damage resistance. Aux to Structural field is over 6k every 15 seconds with 45% resistance. It seems to me from a buffer and healing point of view hull/armor tanking is far more effective. Unless I messed up the math shields have both a much smaller buffer and much smaller heal over time. So why when every second counts in PvP do so many people shield tank? (I run at 100 weapon power and 84 Aux with only 1 science console boosting heals, so those heals are nowhere near max)

Admittedly I only looked at with this from a Cruiser point of view. But wouldn't an Escort end up with a bigger buffer and more heals with Armor tanking as well?

If you are going for best survivability it seems to me Armour tanking is best followed by Regen shields with the Covariant shields coming out very poorly in comparison.

MustrumRidcully said " - AFAIK, the bonus from the regenerative consoles are applied to the base regeneration, and this extra bonus does not benefit from the extra shield power. (And consider that 5 points of shield power already give you +20 % regeneration, and the 50 second value is basically when you already have a very high shield power)"
Granted I am not sure how it all stacks but it all stacks up to quit a big difference from testing. 56% from up to 4 consoles plus another 100% from going up to 125 power. Now add on 50 to 90 points per second from skills and you can soon find your survivability is far longer than a buffer setup with Covariant even in PvP. Plus all that regen is per facing.

MustrumRidcully said " - At least one console you can have could be a +35 % shield capacity booster console. This will always be a bigger benefit to the Covariant Shields."
But you can only fit one of those. You can fit up to 4 regen consoles. Plus each regen consoles is per facing so that's x4 the benefit. You might find if you do a full investigation that a regen shield with regen console setup vastly out survives a Covariant buffer setup. Would that not change the following conclusion? " All in all, I see why people prefer to go Covariant. And I am afraid I will have to say good bye to my Regenerative Shield Arrays, too."