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01-03-2011, 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by spartan844
How?? Rockstar certainly doesn't do generic shooters, and Certainly not Cryptic or CCP. Ubisoft is more into stabbing, and the Fable devs... Come on, do you see THEM making a shooter?
Treyarch has a reputation for being unchanging in their ways... I mean look at why Dice and them schismed... and Bungie being the biggest Jugernaut there, since you took out Bioware, has had no major successes outside of Shooters... so I wouldn't expect them to break the mold to much. Ubisoft makes more money off of its Tom Clancy titles that any other of its AAA titles, so expect something along that line, which will mix with the shooter, and sadly Rockstar will be pushed out of the way both geographically (Being split between San Diego, Toronto, and Austin)

Result, generic shooter that is a compromise between all of them.